Going pee pee in the ocean

Oh, come on.  You know you’ve done it too!

oceanThe ocean life may not be into getting a golden shower, but according to the American Chemical Society, it’s completely okay to urinate in the ocean.

But peeing in the pool… that’s another matter entirely.  And just plain gross.




Marketing; and the elephants memory that is the internet

Advertising has become so common place that we as a society mostly ignore it now.  Unless of course, your advertising somehow offends someone.  Their are entire websites these days dedicated to tracking these advertising fails, not to mention the countless articles from various news platforms compiling the worst advertising fails of the current year.  We love our countdowns, don’t we??

But what about the advertising that time forgot?



And some of my personal favorites… the submissive little woman ones.

Granted, the above are all vintage advertisements, but that doesn’t mean that current advertisements are any better.  Unintended (I hope) innuendos, terrible placement and spelling errors abound.

Though, most of the below ads are a simple matter of placement fails, someone really should double check these things.  Except maybe that Walking Dead placement… that’s sort of genius.

All-in-all, I guess what I’m saying is, advertising isn’t an exact science.  And some are definitely better at it than others.  But be very careful what and how you advertise.  Because once it’s out there… the internet never forgets.




Working from home sort of sucks

I work from home every Monday.  That being said, that means I don’t have the complete viewpoint that some people do, but I can completely understand where they’re coming from.

Let’s make a list of pro’s and con’s shall we?

Pros –

  • No pants!  In fact, I spend most of the day in my pajamas.
  • No interruptions.  Except the incessant emails and text messages from my co-workers.
  • Your friends are super jealous that you work from home.  This pro doesn’t last very long as it soon becomes annoying that they don’t believe you when you say it sucks.
  • Less commute time.  I can role out of bed exactly 1 minute before I’m supposed to clock in and still get to work on time.  And, no driving!




Cons –

  • You work ALL the time.  8-5pm no longer exists.
  • If you leave a task unfinished, you have a nagging sense of guilt.
  • You work harder and longer than people in the office because you fear your bosses will think you’re lazy.  This is actually happening to me right now!
  • Distractions!  OMG, my kitchen is a disaster, and I have sewing all over the table and let’s not even talk about my bathroom… ugg.
  • There no such thing as a “snow day.”


Pros and cons aside, I do get WAY more work done on Monday’s than I do during the rest of the week.  And honestly, the more relaxed work atmosphere of my home is way better than the professional atmosphere required in my office.  Plus, my house is air conditioned.

But next time someone tells you that working from home isn’t all it’s cracked up to be… maybe take their word for it.



Christmas… as an adult

So… the man and I decided that because we’re adults and we don’t have any children that we can open our Christmas presents to each other any time we want.  We chose last Friday, December 18th.  I was still on medical leave from my tooth extraction, he had just gotten home from work and we said, “to hell with it!”

Let’s make our own rules.  As long as we’re not breaking the law and no one is getting hurt, who cares what we do?

Oh, and he got me BEADS!

Oral Surgery

So, yesterday, I had a wisdom tooth removed.  It’s safe to say I was fairly nervous.  Overly nervous, in fact, if the annoyance level of my boyfriend was any indication.  The orthodontist gave me three pills, designed to “reduce my anxiety,” he said.  What he meant was to get me stoned out of my gourd so I can barely walk and leave my purse laying where ever I happened to set it down.  So, my parents drove me to the office and I paid my co-pay, then fell into a chair till they called my name.

When they called me into the back, they sat me in the chair, asked me if I wanted gassed although I didn’t appear to need it, then let me fall asleep till it was all done.

Now, I’m slightly puffy and the novocaine injection sites hurt a little, but mostly, I’m just exausted.  Man, I can’t believe how tired I am.  Good thing I took a few extra days off, cause all I’ve been doing is sleeping.  It’s been pretty nice actually.

Promotion No Longer Pending

Sorry I didn’t follow up on this post!  My life isn’t exactly what you’d call structured lately.

Well, since the last time I wrote, I not only got the promotion they were working on in the post, but a second one as well.  Aaannndd, the other job didn’t call to hire me.  Oh, well, I didn’t really want to leave my current job anyway.  I really like my job, and after 6 years and 4 promotions, I’m finally working “in class.”

Thanks for following the journey with me!

Glass Half Empty

glass-half-empty-quotes-3Thanksgiving is tomorrow.  Normally, I’m a glass half empty kind of girl, not usually one to give thanks for things.  Sadly, it’s something I picked up from my Mother and not one of my more appealing traits.  So, I thought, for once, I’m going to think about all the things I’m thankful for.

I’m currently making four pies and deviled eggs for the family dinner tomorrow.  In this case, I’m thankful for my job, that allowed me to pay for all the ingredients.  I’m also thankful that my Grandmother and my Mother taught me to cook and bake when I was young.  It’s an invaluable skill.

The love of my life is upstairs doing Calculus homework.  I’m thankful I don’t have to do that!  I’m also thankful he was here to manhandle the pie dough as it was WAY too cold for me to roll out immediately.  He will also be pealing 15 eggs for me later, so I’m again thankful he’s here because I hate pealing eggs.

My brother is visiting tonight and he’s sitting behind me on the couch playing Lego: Lord of the Rings.  I’m thankful my brother and I have a better relationship as adults than we had as kids.  I’m thankful he was able to come into town and bring me back my egg caddy and I’m thankful he drove the love of my life to Papa Murphy’s to get a quick dinner since I have to make 4 pies and deviled eggs tonight.

I’m thankful I have a family to get together with tomorrow.  The laughter, the smells, the hugs.  No matter how much they get on my nerves at times, I don’t know what I’d do without them.

The house smells of pumpkin and Lego Orcs are grunting in the background.  It’s going to be a good holiday.