Steamy Romance Novels

We all secretly read them… bodice rippers, harlequins, or whore lickers as my brother calls them.  Romance Novels.  I read them when I want to read, but don’t want to use my brain.  And I’ve read so many, I can pretty well sum them up for you in a short paragraph.  Here goes:

Hero-“I want to screw her, but I don’t think she likes me…”

Heroine-“I hate him, but I want him to screw me…”





Both-“Now, do it now!!”

Now this breakdown only works if you’re not reading one of those “Inspirational” Romance Novels.  Course, I can sum those up too…

Heroine-“I really want to make love with him, but what would God think of me??”

That being said, I was ridiculously tickled when one of my co-workers showed me the following link for “Steamy Romance Novels for People with Young Children.”  Read on, and giggle…


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