I know it’s been forever since I wrote anything of substance, but life’s been crazy lately.  And apparently, I didn’t think my life was busy enough, because I took on yet another project.

Foodie PenPals was started in September 2011 by Lindsay, the lead blogger at The Lean Green Bean.  It started out with about 30 participants and has grown to over 1000.  Well, heck, why was I not one of them???  So I signed up.

I was paired with Jennifer.  A Health Coach from Las Vegas.  Now if any of you know me… I’m a fat girl.  I get winded just thinking about exercise.  That being said, if I wanted to change, I would… no body shaming on this blog, thank you very much!!  The yummy food stuffs she sent me, I have to admit, saved my bacon.  See, I just got back from a camping trip where the food prep wasn’t very well planned out and if it hadn’t been for this box arriving, literally, right before I left, I probably would have starved.

The mango slices were juicy and kind of reminded me of fruit role-ups.  I think Jennifer must have read my mind, since mango’s are my favorite!!  The LaraBar was new to me, but I enjoyed it.  It was soft and tasty, not at all what I was expecting based on the package description.  (Like most professional fat people, I’m leary of healthy looking food…)  The Inner Peas, I haven’t tried yet, but they sound interesting.  I’m kind of hoping they’re like FunYuns.  We’ll see.

The Cinnamon and Sugar Grinder is a favorite in my house now for breakfasts.  I swear, we’re probably gonna ware out the toaster!  The Milk Chocolate Truffle Bar was to die for, albiet slightly melted due to being left in my car while unpacking from my camping trip.

The package in the back of this picture are homemade cookies.  Jennifer warned me in the postcard that they came out crumbly, and the didn’t survive shipping very well, but they tasted amazing!  I had a few bites before I left for camping and by the time I got home, they were gone.  My roommates had eaten them all.  They did however, inform me that they were good and I should make them again.  Once I explained where the cookies had come from, they felt bad for eating then.  Ha!  Take that, cookie stealers!!

All in all, I think I need to do more shopping at Trader Joe’s.  Thanks, Jennifer, for all the goodies.  Here’s hoping whatever you got was just as amazing!!


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