Reblog of WeHeartNerds Dresden playthrough episode 3


Join the WeHeartNerds Crew for their further adventures in Portland, Oregon in the Dresden Files RPG! The team is still after the perpetrator behind the great ornament debacle of 2013. Matt continues to disturb people with his further descent into filth mouthed perversity while his character is trying to win over Patiences’ character, while simultaneously attempting to sleep with “Sparkly Tits”. As for Doug calling me Seth Rogen, THE ENTIRE NAINOTULPIAN RACE FARTS IN YOUR GENERAL DIRECTION, Mr. Whitley! Matt challenges you to a #TickleFight!

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So what do you think? Should Levi have put more points into “Parenting” during character generation? Let us know in the comments below. 
You can get your own copy of The Dresden Files RPG from the great people over at Evil Hat Games, should you so be inclined.
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