Reblog of WeHeartNerds Dresden playthrough episode 1


The WeHeartNerds crew got together to play a custom story for the Dresden Files RPG written by our very own Doug Whitley! Should you enjoy the show, you can connect with WeHeartNerds by clicking the various links in the sidebar. *NOTE* This podcast was recorded in the summer of 2013, but the story was set in Portland, Oregon at Christmas time…. I know…. totally meta. None-the-less, we had a blast playing and hope you enjoy the show and come back for another episode soon! It should be further noted that some of the WeHeartNerds staff are not what we would exactly call… tactful with their language (looking at you MATT!) so we need to disclaim this podcast saying that you will hear adult language when listen and listener discretion is advised.  Big thanks to Alex Mote for all of his musical composition and geniusness! You can find more of his stuff by clicking HERE.

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I hate hearing myself on audio, but this was a load of fun. Check it out!


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