A New Start… A New Idea

The last time I posted, I was whining about how life was too hectic.  Well, honestly, it hasn’t gotten any better.

The Man and I have moved into town.  The commute to work is shorter, and we have our own place now, but that almost makes things more difficult.  See, now, instead of saying, “oh, I shouldn’t do that, the roommate will get ticked,” I just say to heck with it.  If The Man doesn’t like it, he’ll say something.

As if working full time and being enrolled in an acelerated Master’s program wasn’t enough, I am also expected to cook, clean and maintain a love and social life as well.  Good thing I don’t have kids… The Cat is enough responsibility!  Don’t get me wrong, The Man helps, a LOT, but he’s in school full time and working part time as well, so he’s just as busy.

Anyway, to help combat all this busy (and the heat as well) I’ve decided to start making freezer/crock-pot meals.  I’ve done copious amounts of research online and will start implementing my plans… as soon as I get a paycheck.  I’ll keep you posted on how it worked!


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