I’ve been working on various projects lately and need to put down some thoughts in a place where I won’t lose them, so here they are.

Let’s talk Google for a minute. According to the Google Algorithm Change History on, on August 28, 2014, John Mueller announced that Google would no longer rank articles by Authorship. This is an interesting turn of events. Having heard for several years now that guest blogging was a great way to not only lead traffic back to your site, but to build credibility as an internet persona, the new lack of Google Authorship ranking will make this nearly impossible. What, exactly, now is the benefit of guest blogging? Other than still getting your name out there? But if no one knows your name, it will now take a lot longer to make a name for yourself. I’m not saying that guest blogging is a bad idea or even a waste of time, but you definitely will not get famos that way, so I wouldn’t even bother.


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