The Estate Sale Pt 1

Every other Saturday throughout the month of February, The Man and I have joined my Parents and various Aunts, Uncles and Cousins in preparing my grandparents for moving into an assisted living facility.  No small feat, I assure you.  They’ve lived in the same house since Grandpa came home from the Korean War, raised five children and four grandchildren, hosted many a family get together and have amassed a mountain of stuff.  All without the benefit of the internet, which shocks the hell out of me!  Who knew mail order was still a thing??

In April, we stepped up our game.  Every other Saturday became every Saturday, and on Monday, April 13th, the movers came and took them to their new home, Cambridge Terrace.


On Saturday, April 18th, we went back to the house to pack up the rest of the stuff they decided they could live without and haul it to my parents house in preperation for the Halsey City Wide Garage Sale.  We’re calling ours an estate sale, because it basically is.  The 14 foot U-Haul we rented was crammed to the roof and precariously stacked by The Man who is a Tetris  master.  We started loading at 9:30am and returned the truck just after 8pm.  Needless to say, it was a long tiring day.  But there were some fun bits…


^My brother modeling the wears…


3 thoughts on “The Estate Sale Pt 1

  1. It would have been easier, and likely more profitable, if your family had hired a professional estate sale company. Trust me. I know what I’m talking about, because I’ve been on both sides of the issue.

      • consider contacting one now before doing anything further. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how enough to handle a sale properly. After all, we can’t all be experts. I’ve been running sales for ten years and I cringe whenever I hear that the family is doing it themselves. They tend to toss out good stuff because they think it is trash and they overvalue too much because they don’t understand what sells. A good estate sale professional has the experience to know and can often help you make way more than you can on your own. I suggest for finding a qualified estate sale professional in your area. I’m not affiliated with them, though I do list my own company on their site. It shouldn’t cost anything to have one come out and take a look before you go any further. Sorry for the lecture, I’d just like to see you avoid any costly mistakes. Good luck whichever way you go.

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