Oral Surgery

So, yesterday, I had a wisdom tooth removed.  It’s safe to say I was fairly nervous.  Overly nervous, in fact, if the annoyance level of my boyfriend was any indication.  The orthodontist gave me three pills, designed to “reduce my anxiety,” he said.  What he meant was to get me stoned out of my gourd so I can barely walk and leave my purse laying where ever I happened to set it down.  So, my parents drove me to the office and I paid my co-pay, then fell into a chair till they called my name.

When they called me into the back, they sat me in the chair, asked me if I wanted gassed although I didn’t appear to need it, then let me fall asleep till it was all done.

Now, I’m slightly puffy and the novocaine injection sites hurt a little, but mostly, I’m just exausted.  Man, I can’t believe how tired I am.  Good thing I took a few extra days off, cause all I’ve been doing is sleeping.  It’s been pretty nice actually.


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