Working from home sort of sucks

I work from home every Monday.  That being said, that means I don’t have the complete viewpoint that some people do, but I can completely understand where they’re coming from.

Let’s make a list of pro’s and con’s shall we?

Pros –

  • No pants!  In fact, I spend most of the day in my pajamas.
  • No interruptions.  Except the incessant emails and text messages from my co-workers.
  • Your friends are super jealous that you work from home.  This pro doesn’t last very long as it soon becomes annoying that they don’t believe you when you say it sucks.
  • Less commute time.  I can role out of bed exactly 1 minute before I’m supposed to clock in and still get to work on time.  And, no driving!




Cons –

  • You work ALL the time.  8-5pm no longer exists.
  • If you leave a task unfinished, you have a nagging sense of guilt.
  • You work harder and longer than people in the office because you fear your bosses will think you’re lazy.  This is actually happening to me right now!
  • Distractions!  OMG, my kitchen is a disaster, and I have sewing all over the table and let’s not even talk about my bathroom… ugg.
  • There no such thing as a “snow day.”


Pros and cons aside, I do get WAY more work done on Monday’s than I do during the rest of the week.  And honestly, the more relaxed work atmosphere of my home is way better than the professional atmosphere required in my office.  Plus, my house is air conditioned.

But next time someone tells you that working from home isn’t all it’s cracked up to be… maybe take their word for it.




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