Marketing; and the elephants memory that is the internet

Advertising has become so common place that we as a society mostly ignore it now.  Unless of course, your advertising somehow offends someone.  Their are entire websites these days dedicated to tracking these advertising fails, not to mention the countless articles from various news platforms compiling the worst advertising fails of the current year.  We love our countdowns, don’t we??

But what about the advertising that time forgot?



And some of my personal favorites… the submissive little woman ones.

Granted, the above are all vintage advertisements, but that doesn’t mean that current advertisements are any better.  Unintended (I hope) innuendos, terrible placement and spelling errors abound.

Though, most of the below ads are a simple matter of placement fails, someone really should double check these things.  Except maybe that Walking Dead placement… that’s sort of genius.

All-in-all, I guess what I’m saying is, advertising isn’t an exact science.  And some are definitely better at it than others.  But be very careful what and how you advertise.  Because once it’s out there… the internet never forgets.





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