Promotion Pending

Backstory: Five years ago, I started working at my current job.  I was hired as a temp to work the front desk in the office.  Six months later, I was officially hired on.  About a year after that, I was promoted to another job classification because I’d taken on more responsibility. When RC became the boss, a little over three years ago, my job duties drastically shifted toward more media inclined tasks.  I loved this!  In November of 2013, I was promoted again, to reflect these new media job duties, but not as high as the office wanted me to go.  Because of this, I decided to pursue my Masters Degree in Internet Marketing.

I obtained this degree on March 6th and am now awaiting the arrival of my official diploma.  Now that I am officially over qualified for my job, when a new opportunity comes my way; I apply for it.  This happened a few weeks ago and I informed my office that I’d applied for a different position.  They freaked!

They immediately started the promotion process to the same level as the job I’d applied for, asking me if they could push it through, would I reconsider my leaving. I told them that while I wasn’t actively seeking other employment, I had to do what was right for me.

Since then, they’ve processed the paperwork and scheduled my desk audit. But, the other job has also called to advance me to the next phase in the hiring process, so now, I’m in a game of see who can get what accomplished faster.

Stay tuned to find out whether I get promoted or take the new job…


The Estate Sale Pt 1

Every other Saturday throughout the month of February, The Man and I have joined my Parents and various Aunts, Uncles and Cousins in preparing my grandparents for moving into an assisted living facility.  No small feat, I assure you.  They’ve lived in the same house since Grandpa came home from the Korean War, raised five children and four grandchildren, hosted many a family get together and have amassed a mountain of stuff.  All without the benefit of the internet, which shocks the hell out of me!  Who knew mail order was still a thing??

In April, we stepped up our game.  Every other Saturday became every Saturday, and on Monday, April 13th, the movers came and took them to their new home, Cambridge Terrace.


On Saturday, April 18th, we went back to the house to pack up the rest of the stuff they decided they could live without and haul it to my parents house in preperation for the Halsey City Wide Garage Sale.  We’re calling ours an estate sale, because it basically is.  The 14 foot U-Haul we rented was crammed to the roof and precariously stacked by The Man who is a Tetris  master.  We started loading at 9:30am and returned the truck just after 8pm.  Needless to say, it was a long tiring day.  But there were some fun bits…


^My brother modeling the wears…

Dropped the ball… again…

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!

Recently, someone asked me for my web address. Wait, I’m supposed to have a web address? Oh, crud! Well, I guess this will have to do, because it’s about as close as I’m gonna get. So, I pasted the address for my blog into the questionnaire and hope they don’t ever come here. Why is that you ask? Because this blog is the perfect example of how many times I’ve dropped the ball recently.

Remember back in July when I said The Man and I had moved into town and that we were so busy I was going to take my copious amount of crock-pot meal research and start making dinner every night? Well, that didn’t happen.

Remember even farther back when I was spouting some pipe dream about blogging at least once a week? That didn’t happen either.

What happened, was life. Work got busy, then short handed, so it got more busy. School got busy. Summer got busy. Gardening, then canning got busy. Now that that’s over, the holidays are starting to get busy. The Man is still busy as well. Is there another word for busy?  I’m getting tired of this one!


I’ve been working on various projects lately and need to put down some thoughts in a place where I won’t lose them, so here they are.

Let’s talk Google for a minute. According to the Google Algorithm Change History on, on August 28, 2014, John Mueller announced that Google would no longer rank articles by Authorship. This is an interesting turn of events. Having heard for several years now that guest blogging was a great way to not only lead traffic back to your site, but to build credibility as an internet persona, the new lack of Google Authorship ranking will make this nearly impossible. What, exactly, now is the benefit of guest blogging? Other than still getting your name out there? But if no one knows your name, it will now take a lot longer to make a name for yourself. I’m not saying that guest blogging is a bad idea or even a waste of time, but you definitely will not get famos that way, so I wouldn’t even bother.

Grandma’s Sauerkraut/Rib Stuff

I don’t even know if this stuff has a name… but it was SOOO good.  Again, I have no picture, because I suck, but here goes anyway.  I got the recipe from my Grandmother, because that’s one of the things Grandmother’s are great for… giving me recipes 🙂

Start off with some boneless ribs.  The Man and I make 2, so I only got 2, beef ones, because I’m allergic to pork.

Spray your crock-pot with Pam, or put one of those liners in it.  Whatever works for you. Then put your frozen solid ribs in the bottom.  Dump a can of Cream of Mushroom Soup on top of the ribs.  Spread about half a jar of sauerkraut on top then sprinkle lightly with brown sugar.

Close the lid and bake on high for 4 hours.  You may want to turn the ribs once about 1/2 way through, but it’s not needed.

Once they were done, I baked some potatoes and heated some peas.

The Man has deemed this recipe a keeper.  Guess I’ll be doing it again.

Shredded BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

I made this for dinner the day after The Man and I moved into our new place.  We were both exausted, sore and it was too hot to even exist, plus, the kitchen was still a DISASTER from the move, so, Crock-Pot Dinner it was!

I started with three (3) frozen solid Chicken Breasts, a bottle of BBQ Sauce and the Crock-pot.  I put the Chicken Breasts into the bottom of the Crock-Pot, poured the BBQ sauce over the top, then baked it on high for 3 hours.  After baking, I removed the chicken from the pot and shredded it with 2 forks.  I purchased some oversized dinner rolls and cut those in half, smeared some mayo on them and loaded the shredded chicken onto them, spooning some of the leftover BBQ sauce onto the sandwiches just so they weren’t dry.  

The sandwiches were paired with some potato chips.  (They were the only other food unpacked at the time.)

The Man declared them a success.  He even had the leftovers for lunch at work a few days later.  Cheap and easy!!  That’s the way to do it after a move.

Sorry there’s no picture 😦 I bet you can figure it out though.

A New Start… A New Idea

The last time I posted, I was whining about how life was too hectic.  Well, honestly, it hasn’t gotten any better.

The Man and I have moved into town.  The commute to work is shorter, and we have our own place now, but that almost makes things more difficult.  See, now, instead of saying, “oh, I shouldn’t do that, the roommate will get ticked,” I just say to heck with it.  If The Man doesn’t like it, he’ll say something.

As if working full time and being enrolled in an acelerated Master’s program wasn’t enough, I am also expected to cook, clean and maintain a love and social life as well.  Good thing I don’t have kids… The Cat is enough responsibility!  Don’t get me wrong, The Man helps, a LOT, but he’s in school full time and working part time as well, so he’s just as busy.

Anyway, to help combat all this busy (and the heat as well) I’ve decided to start making freezer/crock-pot meals.  I’ve done copious amounts of research online and will start implementing my plans… as soon as I get a paycheck.  I’ll keep you posted on how it worked!